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 My name is Wildan, I will tell you one of my experiences I will never forget, this story I experienced 5 years ago when I was 12 years old. At that time, I was with my grandparents following a tour of China. To go and return from China we are required to transit first in Hong Kong. On the way home to Indonesia suddenly my grandfather passed out unconscious.
When I saw my grandfather pass out, my grandmother and I immediately panicked. We call out for my grandfather to let him awake. Neither did we feel my grandfather breathing or his pulse, for a moment I thought my grandfather was dying. At that moment my mind was so messed up, I watched my grandfather die and we were on a plane to Hong Kong, where we did not know. Suddenly I was reminded of the science of acupuncture I had studied before, immediately I pressed the folds under his nose which is a very sensitive point of pain, with thumbs as hard as possible. He gasped for a moment, it made me and my grandmother feel a little…

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